Alren ryyker - father of ryyker family and king of 5 knights

Arvin kneight - father of kneight family and lord of north castle

Catryn ryyker - mother of ryyker family and queen of five knights

Duncas farring  -  king of dragons and last son of the farrings

Illyana kneight - mother of kneight family and lady of north castle

Mykal kneight - future lord of north castle and keeper of direwolfs

Nyyla ryyker - daughter of alren and  catryn, promised to be queen of ever

Valaris kneight - only daughter of arvin and illyana

Xannar kneight - twin of mykal

Eyan Erenford - lord of fire castle

Bride erenford - wife of eyan erenford

Aryanna allyrion - daughter to karne and tila , oldest daughter but 3rd child

Darrin allyrion   -  youngest son of karne and tila

Orion allyrion or rider - adopted/illigetimete nephew and son of karne

Greysor allyrion - oldest son to karne and tila

Elden - second oldest to karne and tila

Eyva allyrion - twin to aryanna and daughter of karne and tila

Kyra allyrion - youngest daughter of karne and tila

Katryna myre - sold to myre family as a slave and is sold to the barackian clan

Dawsin barackian - one of the powerful barackian clan members and husband of katryna

Vrelda - nyphia maid

Valeiger - nymphia general

Avya Fyshe - maid of aryanna

Jami Trante - knightog eyan

Caryss Ravyne -  daughter of ravyne family

Emelyn ravyne - daughter of ravyne family and younger sister of caryss

Karne allyrion - lord of blackwood

Tila allyrion - lady of blackwood

Laryss ravyne - mother of ravyne family

Lurs ravyne - father of  ravyne family

Alrah myre - lord of myria

Alia myre - lady of myria

Alexton myre - son of alia and alrah